After not building a model car for approximately 15 years, in late 1999, I started up again. To pass the time during one of my son's Pokemon card trading sessions at a local bookstore, I happened to pick up a custom car magazine, & all of a sudden was inspired to work on cars. After a few days I came to my senses,  realizing that a 1:1 or full size car really was not feasible at the time. I started looking into what was happening in the model car world, & was really amazed at all the really cool stuff taking place. So much detail, so much realism, & also, so much expression. I really tuned in to what was happening  in the custom car world, both in the 1:1 world & in small scale. I had so much to learn in such a short time to get where I wanted to be. Through magazines, books, & most importantly, internet message boards, I was able to learn from the best in a very short amount of time. Although I am still not where I want to be as far as building quality, I am having so much fun along the way. Meeting people at shows & checking out their work is really what I thrive on, & get so much inspiration from to keep me going. The only problem is that I have way too many ideas for the amount of time I have. (Sound familiar?) I hope to one day get my hands on a 1:1 kustom to cruise around in, but until then, I'll continue to work in scale, building my small scale dreams.