This is a JoHan 4 door promo that I converted to a 2 door. I chopped the top a bit & did a few modifications here & there. Since the promo had no interior, I modified a '70 Monte Carlo interior to work with the body.  I took a MCW resin dash & sanded all the detail off, then added my own resin knobs & photoetched brass inserts. The "glass" is made from clear acetate sheet. The tires are Modelhaus 200ís with whitewall inserts that I smoothed out. The hubcaps are 55 Pontiacs with the concentric rings smoothed out. The body is House Of Kolor Candy Pagan Gold over gold metallic. The top is HOK Candy Tangerine over gold metallic with added metallic flakes for a metal flake look. See construction shots here.