AMT 57 Chevy Stepside kit, not much customizing other than lowering, shave & filling in the gunsights on the hood. But, quite a bit of work went into creating the windshield & backlight trim since the kit pieces were molded into the poor fitting "glass". I also added in the missing vent window frames. "Glass" was made from .005" clear styrene. The wheels are from the AMT 59 El Camino (thanks Bob Black), chrome spiders are from Modelhaus, & the tires are from American Satco. Made the taillights out of aluminum tubing & red tinted epoxy. Exhaust tips are also aluminum tubing polished up. Paint is HOK black with no clear coat.



I ended up sanding the shallow door details off & rebuilding it all & added armrests & window cranks I cast a while back. I also added knobs on the dash, photoreduced gauge, & added a piece of styrene tubing for the horn button, & filled it with epoxy. It doesn't show in the photos, but there's a turn signal lever, too. Photoetched pedals.