This 1960 Olds was purchased as a built up custom. The previous builder roughly removed most of the trim, along with some of the body character lines. While I kept most of the smoothed out panels, I had to fill in & rebuild various areas to get the panels true & smooth. I separated portions of the front & rear bumpers, & molded the body colored panels into the body. I used an old Aurora parts pack grille section as the basis for the modified grille you see here. I copy cast the rectangular grille section, then, while the resin was still soft, made the slight curve to match the front of the car. I trimmed it to fit, added some Lucas headlights, & some turn signals made out of an amber colored plastic key chain. The rear taillights were made from the tines of a transparent red plastic holiday fork. See construction page for details. The wheels are Pegasus T's with aluminum sleeves on the rear wheels. For the paint, I shot a mixture of Candy Apple red & Bronze Fire pearl powder over a black base coat. I then added fades with Candy Wild Cherry, & finally mixed some Blueberry pearl powder in clear, & shot that along the upper edges of the body & roof. Lots of clear went on after that & polished up. See construction shots here.