Kit: Revell 1950 Oldsmobile
Body: Top chopped 3 scale inches in front & 4 1/2 scale inches in rear & converted to a hardtop. All side window opening trim & vent windows were scratch built. The beltline trim was removed & reveal carved into the body. The headlight pods were modified, removing the lower portion & frenched into the body. The hood front & grille opening were modified with an added lip & the floating grille is a resin copy of a modified version from the AMT 1949 Merc. kit. The front bumper is a modified & smoothed 1949 Mercury unit with extended ends & a V center. The side trim was slightly modified & the extended fender skirts were scratch built. The deck lid was pie sectioned & the rear fenders were extended & reshaped. The panel below the trunk was also extended & blended into the rear gravel shield. Parts box rear bumper with modified bumper guards & lights. Tires are Modelhaus T-405. Cadillac Sombrero wheel covers are from resin copies with added center bullets.

Interior: Modified seats & door panels with tuck & roll inserts made from acrylic craft paint. Door handles & window cranks are resin copies of scratch built items. Kit steering wheel & column with scratch built shift lever, turn signal & rearview mirror. The dash knobs & shift knobs are laminated multicolored plastic . Painted with a mix of various acrylic & lacquer paints. Seat piping is 32 ga. wire painted with craft paint. (See Scale Auto April 2015 issue for details.)

Paint: The body is painted with LMG Black Emerald over a black base. Dupont lacquer clear coats.